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Feeling unlucky, cursed, and kaput?

...well, then you are in the right place to anonymously vent all your negative emotions.


Scroll down to the bottom of this page and send me a letter with all the hardships you are dealing with at the moment to have them discussed on my YouTube channel.

Everyone of us has days when we just want to lay flat on the floor – like Sadness above from the Disney’s Inside Out animation – and cry our eyes out.

I am not an exception.

Sometimes, these days turn into weeks, months, or even years which only makes us feel as if the whole world is against us and as if we are stuck in a catch-22 scenario: if only our situation was not holding us hostage, we would do something about it.

But the said world is, in fact, indifferent to us and to our suffering.

Or to any of our current emotional states, for that matter.

It is simply impartial.

Luckily, as harsh as this world is, there are still people living in it who truly care about your well-being, as they understand the importance of one’s eudaemonia which later results in the prosperity of one’s household, society, state, country, and, finally, the world itself.

It always starts with you.

It starts with the individual and his/her deliberate, intentional willingness to confront the reality – as eerie as it may seem at the given moment – with the courage to ameliorate all the downfalls and shortcomings.

I have created this page to offer encouraging words and pieces of advice to anyone who is going through tough times and could actually use a little bit of comfort and succour from another human being.

My intent is to spark up in individuals the mentioned willingness to contend with their lives and to offer a helping hand – with the assistance of my community which I am building – to anyone needing it.

If you scroll down, you will find a contact form that can be used to send me an anonymous message with all the malevolent things that are bothering you and knocking you down. Tell me what weighs you down. I will then create a video on my YouTube channel where I will be reading your letter to my audience, presenting my take on the issue in a respectful and understanding manner.

The idea is to create an anonymous support group online.

It is really hard to share your misfortunes with people you know due to the fear of being judged, mocked, having your problems brushed off as if they were not that serious at all, or having them shared with someone you would not like.

I will not do that.

You and your struggles are fully accepted and taken seriously over here.

Hopefully, our interaction will be somewhat a panacea for your hindrances.

If you are looking for help but do not have anyone you could talk to, please, feel free to write me a letter.



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