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Youthful, euphoric ardor and happiness

Do not we all just love the feeling accompanying our accomplishments and successes?


Scroll down to the bottom of this page and send me a letter with all the good stuff happening to you at the moment to have it shared on my YouTube channel.

Talking about your misfortunes is already hard as it is.

One may think talking about your successes should be an easy-breezy thing to do then, but it is not.

How often do you have to refrain from the urge to share with other people your attainments in fear they will get denigrated or counterpunched with the accomplishments of the person you are unbosoming to?

How is it that  – when we finally have something good going on in our lives – we have to put almost a herculean effort to rummage a person who not only is not going to haggle over whose achievements are superior but is going to honestly celebrate our little victories with us?

Why so often we decide to keep them solely to ourselves?

There are plenty of reasons for that and they are not necessarily induced by disdain towards you or your triumphs:

  • some might be going through a rough patch at the moment or might be dealing with a lot of stress, so it is going to be a real struggle for them to cheer for you even if that is what they truly want to do;
  • others might not consider you to be as close to them as they are to you;
  • maybe they started their day off on the wrong foot which only makes your revelations to be of no importance and their response perfunctory;
  • or simply they are not as expressive by nature as you would like them to be. 

To name a few.

Unfortunately, it is not that infrequent that our grand slams are thorns in our confidants’ flesh which only leads to passive-aggressive bidding who has got it better. To rub salt into the wound, our joy often evokes jealousy in our listeners, especially if they do not experience it that often themselves.

Let us take Instagram as an example in which people with jaw-dropping physiques, supramundane physiognomies, wearing faultless outfits, going on fascinating trips, driving luxurious vehicles, and the likes of them attack us from every flank.

Although their immaculate images – created purposefully only for social media – and them as people are strangers to us, the exposure to such a kind of content causes an inevitable feeling of being not good enough and adroitly deteriorates our mood.

Mine for sure.

After a couple of minutes of scrolling through Instagram’s feed, I feel like I am the biggest loser to ever walk on this Earth, and that is why I stopped doing that a long time ago.

I recommend you to do the same.

On the rational level, I can easily explain it is far from the truth and I am not a loser at all. But when it comes to my endocrinological reaction, due to my body’s automatic response to the pictorial, subliminal stimuli, I am helpless and suffused by a palette of negative emotions.

A similar mechanism comes into play when dealing with our family, friends, or acquaintances. Whenever we bring our little, real-life Instagram in front of their eyes, we need to take into account they might not be as pleased as we would expect them to be.

Hence, we should cautiously select people who are worthy to hear us out.

In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge.
The young, they keep out of mischief; to the old, they are a comfort and aid in their weakness,
and those in the prime of life, they incite to noble deeds.


How to tell a true friend from a usurper? Aristotle mentioned a few ways above.

Another one is to pay close attention to whenever your supposedly “true friend” is blinded by the shine of your light instead of helping you shine even brighter.

It is said that it is lonely at the top quite justifiably, but presumable loneliness should not stop us from aspiring to reach it.

Luckily, we have got the Internet that allows us to anonymously share whatever we want to, and that is why I created this page.

At the bottom of it, you will find a contact form you can use to confide your successes to me and my audience in case you do not have anyone suitable to do so in the real life.

Even the smallest of them are more than welcome here:

  • the first kilogram of fat you said goodbye to on your road to a healthier and sexier physique after living a goalless life of engorging yourself with fast food;
  • a passed exam which you were not supposed to pass according to your malignant teacher;
  • the first 24 hours without consuming any amounts of alcohol;
  • leaving a toxic workplace to build a better future;
  • passing your driving license exam that has been stealing your sleep for the last months.

You name it.

Once I receive your letter, I will prepare a video for my YouTube channel in which I will celebrate your victories with my audience to enrich you with positive energy, which may motivate you to conquer new goals and reach the highest of the tops.

Instead of subtracting and dividing for the bad, let us create an environment for adding and multiplying for the good.

So… Have you kicked life’s ass recently?



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